Friends General Conference

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Gender Diversity at the Gathering

FGC, the Adult Young Friends program, and FLGBTQC are working to support the identity and experience of individuals throughout the gender spectrum. We affirm that gender identity is determined by the individual, and are working to create space for identities outside the gender binary.

All Gathering attenders are welcome to register for housing, workshops, and other events in accordance with their gender identity. Gender-neutral housing and bathrooms will be available in the AYF and FLGBTQC dorms for those who prefer that option. At the University of Toledo, all General Housing will be in dorms with single-occupancy bathrooms. The University of Toledo campus map (view PDF) indicates all public gender neutral bathrooms on campus. Gathering staff will compile a list of additional gender-neutral bathrooms in other campus buildings that we designate during the week of Gathering.

The Gender Diversity Liaison is available for additional information and support.