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FGC Gathering Committee FAQ's

How do I join the 2018 FGC Gathering Committee? The work of the 2018 Gathering Committee is well underway. If you're interested in helping, complete our online Expression of Interest form. Read more about the Committee. There are also many opportunities to volunteer when you register for Gathering.

What is Friends General Conference (i.e. FGC)? FGC is an association of fourteen yearly meetings and regional groups and ten directly-affiliated monthly meetings that serves Quakers with a vast array of programs and services. Learn more.

What is the FGC Gathering? About 1300 Quakers (mostly from the unprogrammed, liberal tradition) spend a week together on a college campus at different sites around the US and occasionally Canada.  Attenders range from newborns to elders in their 90s. In structure, it’s part conference and part family camp.  In content, it provides an abundance of opportunities to learn about Quakerism and to foster your spiritual life – and to have fun together. Read more about the upcoming Gathering.

Can I be on the Gathering Committee if I’ve never been to the Gathering? Absolutely. While it’s helpful to have some committee members with prior experience, all sorts of skills and experience are helpful in planning the Gathering. 

What if I can’t afford to travel to meetings? Financial assistance is certainly available to those who need it. However, there is not assistance for the costs of travelling to the Gathering itself. Limited travel assistance to meetings is only available from locations in the U.S.A. and Canada.

What if I can’t afford to attend the FGC Gathering? Financial assistance of up to half the basic cost is available from FGC for Friends from FGC's member yearly meetings. Also, there are work-grant positions that would cover a greater percent of your costs, provided such work is compatible with your committee responsibilities.  As well, many monthly meetings have funds for just these type of events.

What are the subcommittees of the Gathering Committee?  Read a short description of the subcommittees.

Who do I contact with more questions? Please ask the Gathering Office staff 215-561-1700 ext 3200, or email Gathering Staff.