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Bible Half Hour 2020

Bible Half Hour with Carl Magruder

Carl Magruder, M.Div., BCC, is a “cradle Quaker” of the waiting worship tradition. He lives in far northern California, where he works as a palliative care chaplain. In seminary, a Systematic Theology lecture on soteriology provoked a Quakerly rebellion and a desire for a dynamic, messy, mystical salvation wisdom.

How does Jesus save? In these Bible Half Hours, we will explore the various ways that Jesus is a Trickster! Born of a virgin? Turning water into wine? Gender bending? Hiding from authorities? Speaking riddles? Breaking rules? Doing justice? Traveling between worlds? Holy Trickster Jesus saves us by pulling the rug out, shocking us into metanoia—the changing of our consciousness. Early Friends knew this Trickster magic, defying the social order, talking with the Sultan, taking a beating and Coyote-style popping up again, riding into Bristol town on a pony, or going back to Boston for the third time in defiance of Puritan law and Death itself. In these troubled times, we need Trickster, the light-bringer. With discussion and serious play, we will get our hands into the text, and risk being changed by it. 

Transcripts for Bible Half Hour Days One through Four

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