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Adult Young Friends Retreat

This information is for 2019. Please check back in early winter 2020 for information about 2020 Pre-Gathering events.

The Adult Young Friends (AYF) Retreat is a great place to get a jump start to the 2019 FGC Gathering experience. Please join other young adults age 18-35 from Friday, June 28 - Sunday, June 30 for this retreat to continue building our community.

This year the AYF Retreat will be a day of experiential learning, reflection and skills-building around race and white supremacy. Nissy Aya will guide AYFs in examining how systemic and institutional structures of power have shaped our lives and communities, and provide guidance for how AYFs can continue their individual anti-racism work.

The Friday night of the retreat is optional. So the group can build a space to trust and work with each other, all participants are expected to be at the retreat beginning Saturday morning, and be in attendance through Sunday morning. The retreat is scheduled to close Sunday morning at 11:30am. (It will end in time for Junior Gathering support staff to get to their training at noon.)

The Adult Young Friends Pre-Gathering Retreat is a wonderful way to connect with the AYF community before the busyness of Gathering begins. You don't have to participate in the retreat to attend the AYF program at the Gathering, but it's a great opportunity to bond with your fellow AYFers. It also provides a way for everyone to transition from the stresses of travel and everyday life so that we can move smoothly into the experience of the Gathering.

Where and When

The program will be held immediately before the FGC Gathering at Grinnell College in Grinnell, IA on Friday evening, June 28 - Sunday morning, June 30. You may pre-purchase cafeteria meals beginning with dinner on Friday, June 28 through lunch on Sunday, June 30. Friends are should arrive Friday since all participants are expected to be at the retreat beginning Saturday morning.


The retreat fee is $30. Please see our Gathering Fees for early arrival housing and meal fees.

About the Facilitators

Nissy Aya is a Black girl from the Bronx. She and all her younger selves tell stories and tall tales. As a facilitator and cultural worker, we believe in the transformative nature of storytelling and placing those most affected by oppressive systems in the center. We, also, view theatre as a tool to create social change by empowering disenfranchised communities to unapologetically portray their whole selves on stage.

Childcare Is Available

If you are a young adult with children eighth grade or younger, childcare is available for the retreat. You will only need to pay for housing and meals for your child.  Read more about childcare for pre-Gathering events. The deadline to request pre-Gathering childcare is June 10.

How to Register

When you register for the Gathering, choose the “AYF Retreat.”  Choose early housing (Friday and Saturday nights) to match your housing for the full Gathering. Select which meals you want - you can choose a pre-Gathering meal plan that includes breakfasts or not. (The Gathering meal plan will not begin until Sunday supper, June 30.)

Registration for the FGC Gathering opens April 1.

If you register after June 10, please call the office to find out whether pre-Gathering housing is still available. Children can not be registered for retreat childcare after June 10.


You may add a scholarship request for the AYF Retreat on top of the described maximum scholarship. Registrants may request a scholarship from FGC for up to half of the retreat costs (housing, meals, and retreat fee).

Request a scholarship when you register for the Gathering.

Invite a Friend

Are you planning on attending the retreat?  Invite a friend to join you!