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York Friends Meeting

York Friends Meeting is a welcoming community, Grounded in God,  Growing in Gratitude,  Guided by the Light

A center for Quaker activities in York for 250 years, our historic meetinghouse is still alive with members and attenders old and young, a commitment to our community through participation and support of various activities, and a  witness on behalf of the environment through our native plant, pollinator friendly gardens, community gardens, and beehives.

As an "unprogrammed meeting" we worship in silence, honoring the Quaker belief that direct experience of God is possible for everyone, without any ritual or intermediary. We trust that all who take part will strive sincerely, both in their silent worship and in their spoken ministry, to seek that inward communion.

Our community is nourished by weekly shared meals, our annual picnic in the back yard, working together on the native plant gardens, the spring native plant and "Green Elephant" sale, the New Year's Eve musical openhouse for the York community, and more. 

Service Opportunities Around the Meeting House

The garden is in need of caretakers, enjoy the time for fellowship, getting “grounded” and keeping the garden beautiful. Weekly on Fridays from 9-11 am. If you're interested e-mail the Meeting at

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What's New

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12/31/2016 - 7:30pm to 10:00pm

Back by popular demand!  Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Flute and Friends Duo,  Ed and Fran Norton

Light classical music with humor and fun

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Each month, Baltimore Yearly Meeting (BYM), the larger regional body of Quakers to which York Friends Meeting belongs, posts events of interest to Friends from Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington DC, and part of PA.  Check their web calendar at


Quaker Testimonies are a guide for how we should conduct our lives and how we should treat each other.  Below are six that form the core of our practice at York Friends Meeting:


The Peace Testimony is probably the best known testimony of Friends.


York Friends Meeting is the oldest house of worship in the city that is still in use.  There are a few older congregations, but they have all built newer buildings.  This is both a blessing and a challenge, as many people driving by on Philadelph


Worship with us!

(717) 814-8437
York Friends Meeting
135 W. Philadelphia Street
York, PA 17401
United States
Meeting Times: 

Every First Day (Sunday):

Meeting for Worship 11:00AM-12:00PM

Other Sunday activities:

Every Fourth Day (Wednesday)  Seekers on hold until further notice.

In light of health needs of some members and attenders, The York Meeting requests that those joining us for activities, including worship, refrain from wearing perfumes, colognes, or other products containing strong fragrances.