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WQM Spiritual Deepening Workshop

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Opening to Deeper Worship
Workshop Sept. 20/21, Friday/Saturday
Wilton Quaker Meetinghouse

This spiritual deepening workshop, led by Christopher Sammond, will take us more deeply into the experience of worship as individuals and together as a community. Often, we have left it to each person to find her or his own way to find the divine, the inner light within each of us. This need not be the case. While Spirit-filled worship is something we can't make happen, there are practical skills we can learn which will enhance our ability to enter into deep, transformative worship.
This retreat will focus on practices which can make us more ready to receive that gift of powerful worship that can nurture, heal, and change us, and can draw us closer together as a community.

Please join Christopher Sammond for this special retreat and workshop. Christopher has led workshops and retreats for Friends over many years at the FGC Gathering, Pendle Hill, Earlham School of Religion, Powell House, Woolman Hill and World Quaker gatherings. He has facilitated different versions of this particular topic for monthly, quarterly, and regional meetings over the past fourteen years. For many years, he served NYYM as our General Secretary.

Childcare will be provided.



6:30-7:30pm Welcome Potluck
7:30-9:00pm Welcome and Listening with Our Whole Being


8:45-9:15am Bagels and Coffee, Simple Breakfast
9:30-12:15am Preparing for Worship and Centering Down
12:15-1:30pm Lunch
1:30-4:30pm Opening Our Hearts to Each Other and the Divine/ Welcoming Worship with Depth and Power
4:30-5:30pm Cookies and Punch