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Dear Friends,

      Given the escalating COVID-19 virus situation, we have made some difficult decisions to balance our ability to worship as a community with the danger represented by even a few of us gathering to worship in person.  There is no guarantee that a person without symptoms is actually free of the virus, so we have chosen to err on the side of caution, especially given that many members of our Meeting are in age and health groups that pose extra risk. 

     Starting this First Day, Third Month 22, we will not worship at the meetinghouse.  Instead, we will offer “virtual worship” using a video conference.   When it is safe for us to meet again together at the meetinghouse, we will communicate that.

      To get ready for this, we ask all of you to download the Zoom application on your computer or smartphone and try it out before First Day.  For those not used to this technology, we can assure you it is easy to use.  Reach out to us if you need help with the app or with anything else. We will send an “invitation” later that you can click on to automatically join worship (once you have the Zoom application).  It will be possible to call in using a phone for an “audio-only” experience, but we think using the app and video is likely to be a richer experience.  Let’s see!

     As always, worship begins at 10, followed by afterthoughts and announcements.  You can join up to 10 minutes early, and we recommend you do so in case of any technical problems.  We will invite the Housatonic Meeting to join us as well.

     Again, we do not suggest closing the meetinghouse lightly.  But we do not want to chance that the act of gathering together for a spiritual reason might actually endanger us and our community in a physical sense.  We will all monitor the situation as it progresses, and seek to adjust accordingly. 

     Let us hope that this is a short-term situation and we can be back together again soon.  Let us hold ourselves, our community and the world in the Light. 

Martha Gurvich, Clerk of the Meeting         Peter Murchison, Clerk, Ministry and Oversight