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Swords Into Plowshares - Guns Into Garden Tools

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This is a Gun Buyback project that will get more guns off the street and out of homes where they are no longer wanted. We will use a forge to transform the gun and rifle parts into gardening tools!  That's as close as you can get to "Swords into Plowshares!"  We think this is inspiring and symbolic to transform a weapon of death into a tool of life.  It will also symbolize the transformation that is possible if Americans step back from the heated gun debate and try to listen to each other.

We met our July 31st deadline to raise $5,000. THANK YOU to all who donated and are sharing (and continue to share!) this project! Keep on giving! The extra dollars mean more guns off our streets. To support this effort go to the Go Fund Me page that has been set up for this event. 

We have done the planning work with the Norwalk CT Police Department and the Mayor's office.  We are working with the Newtown Foundation which will help us manage the funds through their 501c3.  Thanks to our meeting the initial $5,000 goal, we have been able to set a date for the buyback with the Norwalk Police and city government. It is October 19th. Alright!

Why do a gun buyback?  Our urban communities are plagued with the presence of too many guns.  Gun violence claims more than 38,000 lives in the USA each year.    Guns stolen from homes and autos often turn up in crime situations.   And the more than 20,000 gun-related suicides each year would be cut significantly if guns were not available at a moment of desperation in someone's life.

Who are we?  We are several people from the Wilton CT Quaker Meeting, working with people from the Newtown Foundation and the Episcopal Church.  We have partnered with the Norwalk Police Department and Mayor's Office.

Want to turn in a gun?  You do not have to be from Norwalk but just to bring the weapon to the Norwalk police headquarters on October 5th.  But first we need the funding!  We will publish more details as the date approaches.

More information about us:

- Wilton Quaker Meeting holds "unprogrammed" Quaker meetings for worship each Sunday at 10:00 am. We are at 317 New Canaan Rd in Wilton, CT.  We are quietly waiting for you.  More at:

- The Newtown Foundation, Inc. ( To provide comfort, education, scholarship and other support and resources to people and communities impacted by the epidemic level of violence in American society in order to help them lead the way toward positive cultural change over the long term. The Newtown Foundation is a Newtown-based, all volunteer, 501c3 organization working tirelessly since the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy to help our community heal and be remembered as the place where positive cultural changes began. Led by some of the same people who lead the Newtown Action Alliance, The Newtown Foundation is not involved in any legislative or electoral activities. Instead it is focused on educational, healing and cultural programs that inspire and empower youth and victims to transform tragedy into positive change.