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Stop Killingly Energy enter

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Wilton Quaker Meeting opposes the construction of the Killingly Energy Center (KEC), a 650 MW electric generating plant fueled by natural gas, whose projected cost is $500 million.  The policy of Connecticut must be critically focused on fully decarbonizing the energy economy, including providing renewable electric power for its residents.  

According to the Connecticut Siting Council’s Finding of Fact, the plant would emit 2,207,451 tons of carbon dioxide per year throughout its expected lifetime of at least 30 years.  Thus KEC would directly contravene Connecticut’s decarbonization policy. Most or all of the electricity generated by KEC would enter the ISO-NE grid, and so may not even directly benefit Connecticut’s residents.

We ask that Governor Ned Lamont reject the application because it will not meet the requirement that Connecticut generate at least 21% of its energy from renewable energy rising to 40% by 2030.  If the developer wants to submit a project for renewable energy development, we would support such an alternative.