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Quaker Family Sunday Supper at Chappaqua

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Potluck and Pizza - Story and Singing - Fun with Friends

Join us at Chappaqua Friends Meeting December 15th, 5-7PM. 

Purchase Quarter began to gather this year for Quaker Family Sunday Suppers. These quarterly gatherings have been a delightful way to foster a sense of belonging within and to expand our circle of young families. The Sunday Suppers follow a simple format: families arrive and children play together while parents meet and greet. We gather in Meeting for Worship for a family-friendly story and singing, followed by pot luck and pizza for dinner, and inevitably more playtime. Faith & Play stories have been an integral part of the format. Start-to-finish the gathering lasts no more than 2 hours, scheduled early so that families with younger children can be home in time for bed.

It’s a special moment to witness and share the parenting experience together. The connection with other parents has opened up peer support for Quaker parenting. And our children who once were strangers to each other now recognize each other as Friends, remembering this unique time they’ve spent together. “Faith & Play is a way for kids and parents to learn about our faith and what it means in our daily lives... Singing with kids and families is wonderful,” comments Daniel Werges of Scarsdale.

These suppers have been so very Friendly and fun for all, offering another touchpoint for our children to get to know one another and share in an intimate way.

We welcome you and your family to join us and share in the fun.