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House Passes the Climate Action Now Act

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Friends Committee on National Legislation

Great news! Today the House passed the Climate Action Now Act (H.R.9) by a vote of 231-190. The bill, which prevents the Trump administration from using federal funds to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement, passed with unanimous Democratic support and included Republican votes. The legislation also requires the administration to submit a plan to meet the United State’s goals under the agreement to Congress and update it annually.

The Paris Agreement represents the world’s collective first step towards meeting our shared responsibility to address climate change. The U.S. must take a leadership role in resolving the climate crisis and not retreat from our moral obligation to protect vulnerable communities around the world. While we do not expect H.R. 9 to get a vote in the Senate, its passage through the House is a positive step.

FCNL joined with 30 national faith organizations in sending a letter in support of H.R. 9 to Congress.