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God's Future for West Newton Friends

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At the November 2017 Monthly Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business, Ministry and Council was charged with coming up for a way for us as a community of faith to commit ourselves to spending some time in discerment regarding our future.  We have two sessions scheduled to do this -- January 28 and February 4 during the Sunday School hour.

More sessions will be added as needed

We will have spiritual conversations during that time about what we individually and corporately think God is calling us to do as we move into the future. You are invited to think about what your feel God has planned for our future and come share it.

Topics you might want to think about include:

  • Is God calling us to do more outreach?

  • Are we lead to be more involved in our community?

  • What might God want us to do with our building? Update it? Sell it? Rent it to other congregations?

  • Is God asking us to think and act in new ways about what it means to be a congregation?

Trusting that God leads us today as God has in the past, we need to gather our collective thoughts and feelings. From what we discern together, we will have plans on how to move forward.

Please attend!