Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends
a Quaker meeting in Knoxville, Tennessee

Young Friends

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Religious Education project: painting the new rain barrels

Friends of all ages participate in the activities of the West Knoxville Friends Meeting.

Children less than 12 years old

A nursery is provided for the youngest ones. A play area is provided for preschoolers.

Children from 5 to 12 years old attend First Day School, which brings the kids together with one or several adult Friends in an informal setting. Quaker values are transmitted in a non-classroom based environment. We have enjoyed nature in the meetinghouse’s wooded environment. In March we have baked green cookies while listening to the story of St. Patrick. We have planted flower bulbs in the autumn and at Christmastime decorated the woods with cranberries and birdseed. Recently, we built a birdhouse using simple tools. We have had fun exploring the Quaker concepts of light and darkness by using art work.


The older Young Friends of West Knoxville, ages approximately twelve to eighteen, meet weekly for First Day School and Worship. Topics are chosen by the group; adults from the meeting serve as resource people. Occasionally we take field trips to other places of worship.

We have very cool overnight sleepovers at the meetinghouse on New Year’s Eve and at least once over the summer.

We participate in SAYF (Southern Appalachian Young Friends), the youth program of our Yearly Meeting, attending all of the six retreats each year as well as the SAYF program at the Yearly Meeting Gathering, and we plan at least one SAYF retreat at our meetinghouse each year. SAYF is online at

We rock! We are diverse, eclectic, astonishing and infuriating. We strive for an inclusive, loving community.