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Twelfth Month Minutes 2017

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Minutes Details: 

Trenton Monthly Meeting

Meeting for Business

Twelfth Month 10, 2017


Present: Joan Ordille (clerk), Leon Pulsinelle, Barbara Vadnais, Jules Simon, Maia Simon, Charles Hardy (recording), Jim Harford, Fred Millner, Sandra Johnson, Louis LeFevre, Jay Brumbaugh, Joe Taylor, John Vadnais, Judy Burton

Meeting with attention to Business began with silent worship at 9:07 am

Eleventh month minutes were approved

Treasurer’s Report - Fred

Barbara remarked that the distribution of Balance Sheet to the listserv was of concern to her.  Jules reminded us that we had decided to keep the Balance Sheet more internal.  Fred stated that he had forgotten this and will abide by that in the future.

Fred reported that in this presentation of the budget, the Major Repairs line now includes amount that was under Structural Repairs

Maia reported that our contributions from members and attenders are on track to meet our budgeted goal.  A letter of stewardship is under consideration by Property and Funds and CMW.

The treasurer’s report was approved

Property and Funds - Maia

Changes to the current Building Use Agreement were outlined by Maia.  Substantive changes were only the time frame for requests (no longer six weeks but rather in adequate time for the request to come before meeting for business), and the method for requests for a key and security code for organizations who will have an ongoing use.  Approved

As regards the search for a solution to the problem of hearing what is said in the worship space, acoustic paint on the ceiling is a solution that Chatham meeting has found helped with this problem.  Barbara mentioned that high ceilings might make it less useful.  Jules said reviews of the acoustic paint indicated that high ceilings were not a problem.  Leon asked how it was that reducing sound would help people hear.  Maia said it reduces echoes that muddle the direct sound.  Jim was concerned about applying something with a texture.  Joan asked if this was a solution for people with hearing deficiency or just to help everyone hear more clearly.  Barbara mentioned that people will have to take some responsibility if they have hearing loss.  Maia read the email from Chatham.  It was not definitive that it helps the hard of hearing. Sandra mentioned the assist device used in a group she attends and will gather more information.  Louis suggested first putting the acoustic paint on a smaller ceiling, such as the fellowship room, to see the result.  There was no sense of the meeting on this concern and it will be reexamined at next month’s meeting for business.

Greenleaf Painters have given us an estimate for painting the two bathrooms, the downstairs kitchen, the fellowship room, the worship space and the benches of $20,500.

Orchid Group gave an unsolicited last minute bid for the kitchen and  two bathrooms of $5,187.00.  Meeting approved asking Greenleaf to break out the details of their bid so we can compare Orchid Group bid.

Overall questions about the expenditure ($30,000+ over budget) needs meeting approval.  John spoke about his difficulty with this large amount being spent over budget.  If we are spending this much on ourselves, he wondered if we shouldn’t consider an equal amount to be donated.

Discussion followed about our responsibility to support the community. It was noted that this money via wages to local workers is in some way supportive of the community.

Approval of a withdrawal of $40,000 from our endowment was granted by meeting with John recorded to be stepping aside.  A minute from the clerk as required for this withdrawal was prepared and signed.

In order to gather the sense of the meeting regarding our endowment’s growth and our responsibilities to use it wisely, a called meeting is scheduled for Saturday, December 16 at 9:00 am.

The Library committee will gather in January.

The old refrigerator from the upstairs kitchen is at the Simon’s house.  Jules will make a request that anyone knowing a need for it contact him.  If there is no such need it will remain at his house.

Counsel, Ministry and Worship – Judy

CMW is suggesting a facilitator for the ongoing discussion on racism

Peace and Social Concerns

Louis presented a list as determined at the last PSCC meeting of $1800 of additional giving to make up for last year’s shortfall of contributions, bringing our giving in line with our assets.  The donations as presented were approved.

The Meetinghouse will have a Patriot Week activities sign on the property. Approved

Shan’s minute to Abington Meeting regarding the reinstatement of Benjamin Lay was approved.

Voice:Ear – Jim

Jim is creating a sign listing events for Patriots Week that could be posted in a sign box by the front door.  There was no concern and there were expressions of appreciation.

Meeting for Business closed with silent worship.