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Second Month 2018 Minutes Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

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Minutes Details: 

Trenton Monthly Meeting

Meeting for Business

Second Month 11, 2018


Present: Joan Ordille (Clerking), John Vadnais, Barbara Vadnais, Jay Brumbaugh, Louis LeFevre, Judy Burton, Leon Pulsinelle, Jim Harford, Shan Holt, Charles Hardy (Recording), Jules Simon, Maia Simon

We convened at 9:05 with silent worship.

Minutes from First Month were approvedwith only a typo correction.

Treasurer’s report received. 

There is an open issue about the $3100 charged to Contributions/Charitable Organizations.  Included in that is $1800 which was spent apart from this year’s budget of $6,750.  This $1800 was spent to “make up” for a shortfall in last year’s spending.  

Either the budget should be increased by $1800 or the $1800 should be accounted somewhere else.  Maia will discuss with Fred Millner when he returns.

Counsel, Ministry, and Worship

No report or action items.

Peace and Social Concerns

No report or action items.

Religious Education – Louis LeFevre

We are attempting to make the adult forum on March 4thabout the status of Palestinians under the Israeli occupation.  At business meeting March 11th, P&SC will bring a letter to business meeting for approval.  This letter will be addressed to Senator Menendez regarding the status of Palestinians under the Israeli occupation and specifically his sponsorship of a bill to punish people or institutions supporting the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement.  In this way we are able to learn about the issue before considering a letter from us about it. 

Nominating Committee

No report or action items.

They will meet on Sunday, February 18, at 9:30 am at the meetinghouse.

Communications Committee

The committee is working on a comprehensive communications plan.

They are working to clean up the existing sign while working on design for a new one. 

Property and Funds Committee - Maia

Meeting House Interior Painting
Property & Funds Committee has proposed to accept contract proposals from Greenleaf Painters in the amount of $28,200 and The Orchid Group in the amount of $2,887.

The scope of work is as shown in the Property & Funds report of February 10, 2018.  Overall, it is to paint the walls (excluding window sashes) of the Meeting Room and Social Room, to apply an acoustical paint to improve acoustics to Meeting Room and Social Room ceilings, and to prep and paint all of the benches, with the existing wood trim on the benches to be polyurethaned.  The Orchid Group will paint the two bathrooms and the kitchen on the first floor.  All paint colors will be the same as are in the worship room now.

Friends engaged in a wide-ranging and sincere discussion that touched on topics that included whether or not to do particular pieces of the work, whether to delay some of it, the identity of each of the proposed contractors, the bidding process, and additional topics.

After a lengthy and spirited discussion, Friends came to unity to accept the recommendation of the Property & Funds Committee.   Meeting authorized the Clerk of Property and Funds to sign agreements with the two named contractors.

TMM Hosting Quarterly Meeting 3/18/2018


Maia volunteered to take on the food responsibility.


Options that were discussed were asking Debi Richter to reprise her presentation about her recent visit to Cuba, or Elijah Dixon speaking about Orchid House/Orchid Group and the needs of the neighborhood.  A lively discussion took place and the decision was to have Elijah’s presentation.

Barbara suggested an honorarium of $100. Approved

Shan has already confirmed that Elijah is willing and available. She will be the contact to finalize things with Elijah.

Community Investment Committee

The committee met on February 10.  John Vadnais was named clerk and Maia Simon the recording clerk. There is nothing substantive to report at this time although much progress is being made.  The committee will be meeting again on February 24 and March 10.

New Business

Jim brought to the meeting that poet and author Derrick Branch is applying for a grant from Princeton Area Community Foundation for work on a play. Jim asked on Derrick’s behalf for support in the form of a letter of approval of his work.  Approved

John will draft a letter concerning this and Clerk Joan will sign it.

The Clerk expressed gratitude for the persistence of Meeting in a sometimes difficult discussion.

Meeting with Attention to Business ended with silent worship at 12:45 pm.


Submitted by Charles Hardy with gratitude for the assistance of Maia and John.