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Ninth Month Minutes

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Trenton Monthly Meeting

Meeting for Business

Ninth Month 10, 2017

 Present: Joan Ordille (clerking), Jules Simon, Charles Hardy (recording), Fred Millner, Nikki Mosgrove, Judy Burton, Jim Harford, Sandra Johnson, Louis LeFevre, Cathy Campbell, John Vadnais

Meeting for Business opened with worship at 9:05 am

The Eighth Month Minutes were not available for everyone and were extensive so clerk suggested that we undertake to approve them via email.  That suggestion was approved.  Approved by email

Treasurer’s report - Fred

            Fred presented the Treasurer’s report for this month.  Approved 

            The concern that was discussed last month about our bank and a strange entry regarding a deposit has been determined to be a teller error, quickly resolved.

 Property and Funds  - Maia

             Maia presented the Teacher’s Parking Agreement for 2017-18 school year.  The individual monthly donation is suggested to be $35 this year.  The agreement met with approval with gratitude to Maia and the committee.

            Jules reported on the plumbing work that has been done.  Both toilets have been replaced and any issues identified in the course of this work have been resolved. 

            Property and Funds will undertake analyzing the needs of the upstairs kitchen and report back.

 Council Ministry and Worship – Nikki

             Nikki reported that the first of the two Queries that PYM has requested Monthly Meetings to consider can be undertaken on September 24th at the rise of worship with an outside facilitator, Donna Mehle, to assist us.  Approved

Peace and Social Concerns - Sandra

            PSCC would like to help improve our decisions about charitable contributions. (Some come from the PSCC budget and some from the Meeting budget.)  Joan asked Meeting if we would like for PSCC to pay attention to all of these contributions and provide Meeting with information in a timely manner to allow us to avoid the end of fiscal year rush that can lead to default giving based on the previous year rather than a more considered approach.  Approved 

            Sandra - Community Barbeque date is October 15.  In order to accomplish this we need a committee.  Cathy, Judy, Sandra, Jim, John, Barbara and Jules volunteered and Judy is willing to clerk.  Approved 

A “FreeSale” will also be conducted at the same time to make useful donated available for free to people in the community.  Approved 

Education Committee

            Starting with October 8th, the committee desires that First Day School be on the second and fourth First Days of each month.   Approved

            Quarterly Meeting will be at Little Egg Harbor Friends Meeting House on 9/17.

 Patriots Week - Shan

            Shan said she will not be doing the walking tour that she has for the past several years.  We will have the Burkhalter duo, Hopewell Hall singing group and the Peace Vigil.  Hopewell Hall needs to rehearse once in the space.  Wednesday night is requested and approved.

Voice:Ear - Jim

             Permission for the third annual Voice:Ear event on January 1 was sought and approved.

             Jim brought forth a suggestion for a tutoring or story telling activity.  He will return with more information.

Meeting adjourned with brief silent worship at 12:30 pm