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First Month 2018 Minutes Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

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Minutes Details: 

Trenton Monthly Meeting

Meeting for Business

First Month 14, 2018


Present: Pam Lebeaux (Clerking), John Vadnais, Barbara Vadnais, Jay Brumbaugh, Louis LeFevre, Sandra Johnson, Leon Pulsinelle, Fred Millner, Nick Potts, Shan Holt, Charles Hardy (Recording)

Meeting for Worship with attention to Business began with silent worship at 9:08 AM.

Minutes of Twelfth Month Meeting for Business were approved

Minutes of the Dec 16th called meeting were approved for distribution to the email listserv.

Treasurers Report:

Fred gave information on the continued growth in the endowment valuation.

            Louis asked about the budget process. Since we are giving additional gifts to make up for last budget year’s shortfall, should the current budget line for donations be adjusted.  Fred suggested not but no determination on this point was made.

            There was discussion of the plan adopted in earlier meetings that has us look at the ratio of giving to the valuation of the endowment at the time of the Fifth Month meeting for Business.  No action was take to change the plan as adopted earlier.

P&F – Maia

Greenleaf will be coming to paint the upstairs kitchen and the library soon.  They will be in touch with Fred for scheduling.  Everything must be removed from the kitchen surfaces.  Charlie said he will do this.  It will remain to sort things out and see where they really belong.

Chatham Summit Meeting have sent us more details from their project

  • They spent $3500 for acoustical analysis.  We have not done this.  
  • They then spent $19,800 to treat the ceilings with a product called SonaKrete.  We have not investigated this product. 
  • perhaps we should get acoustical analysis done?  They used L. S. Goodfriend & Assocs.  I don’t find them on the internet except reports of work they did. My CSMM contact is out of the country until early February.

The Greenleaf quote has been itemized as follows:

  • worship room   $16500
  • window sashes $1500
  • kitchen and baths $2500 - Orchid Group’s bid for this space is $2500 labor and $387 for materials and tools.
    • Total $20,500

There would be an additional $450 for acoustic paint for fellowship room and low ceiling in worship room and an additional $2550 to paint worship high ceiling with acoustic paint

Continuing the discussion about acoustics, some asked for more information about the assistance method that Sandra has used in another group called Hearing Helpers.   Acoustical Paint has skeptics especially since the Chatham results were inconclusive

Some said that there is a concern that we are overspending on the building.

Parking by the teachers is finally paid up

Pottery update – Louis

            Lamberton China is on eBay and household pieces are a few dollars.  Louis asked how many we need to keep .  Some expressed opposition to selling off these items.  There was reflection that the concern that there was not enough space to accommodate the china and the storage needs of Black Lives Matter’s breakfast supplies seems to be unfounded.  There were some who felt it was a good idea to get a ballpark valuation.  We might want to use the money for charity.

            Louis asked if he could go forward to get an estimate of value. Approved.

CMW – There are no items to bring to Business Meeting

PSCC – Likewise.

Religious Ed – Louis

            Louis mentioned how we felt positive about Debi Richter’s presentation about her trip to Cuba

Nominating – Leon

            Leon will convene

Quarterly Meeting – 

We are hosting Quarterly here March 18.  For the program we might consider a presentation by I Am Trenton or Debi Richter or Elijah Dixon or BLM/SURJ.  Shan mentioned that Elijah had made an excellent presentation to a group she is part of recently.  Shan will approach Elijah about a presentation at Quarterly.

Meeting for Business ended with brief silent worship.