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MFM History (formerly TVWG)

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Our Story

TVWG was a reincarnation of the “Three Rivers Worship Group” (TRWG) that met in Delta, Colorado, until 2006.

Six years later, with the arrival of additional seasoned Friends, we resumed meeting, as “Three Valleys Worship Group” (TVWG), in Montrose, CO on 2012-10-13

We then became a Preparative Meeting under the Oversight of “Mountain View Friends Meeting” (MVFM) in Denver, CO.  (link, below)

We gratefully found a home at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (SPEC), which also hosted the "Community Spirit Church" (CSC) UCC church, and the "Black Canyon Boys and Girls Club".

These four groups entered into a "Joint Ministry Covenant" to collaborate in the use and maintenance of the shared facilities and in working toward our common goals.

Since TVWG and CSC shared the building at the same time on Sunday mornings – these two groups enjoyed a pleasant fellowship.

The Episcopal Parish suffered a decline in attendance, and eventually was disbanded.

The SPEC property was sold to Celebration Church, a Southern Baptist congregation in Montrose, CO.

On September 30, 2017 TVWG moved into vacant classrooms in the basement of Zion Lutheran Church, an ELCA congregation, in Montrose, CO.

2018-Sep-02. TVWG decided to become a ‘monthly meeting’
2018-Dec-09. MVFM accepted TVWG as a monthly meeting.
2019-Jan-06. Since TVWG was no longer a ‘worship group’ – the name was changed to ‘Montrose Friends Meeting’ (MFM).
2019-Jan-23. MFM informed ‘Intermountain Yearly Meeting’ (IMYM) of our change in status, and our desire to join IMYM as a monthly meeting.