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Poetry Arts Fiesta

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Re… The Poetry Arts Fiesta, the Heart Fiesta!


The arts fiesta is for you,

For us to see and hear

Your take on the world


To have the art part Shine through, Unfiltered And perfectly filtered With the etchings you’ve etched And the scent of your story

Although as always, All the arts are welcome We are celebrating the spoken word, Poems, specifically our own And those of Mary Oliver.

To that end, firstly, You are invited to write




And in the spirit of Mary Oliver Let it reflect your relationship with nature. 

What have thee to say! Let your poem loose, read to us! Let us relish your point of view.

Get to know you

Get to love you more!


If enough people participate We’ll make the reading a highlight event, say 8:00 pm Later, we might make a collection of these 

Secondly, read a Mary Oliver poem and, two or three of your own. We will have two or three simultaneous reading stations. Bring as many poems as you like, we’ll hear them.


All arts are welcome, come early, and set up your table. If you’re reading a poem out loud, have fun with it, out of the box!

Friday, February 15, 2019 - 6:00pm to 10:00pm
Storrs Friends Meetinghouse
United States