SIQM Minutes 2018-10-28

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Meeting for Worship + Business, 10/28/2018

Present: Tom Hensold (Clerk), Kathy Cotton, Jill Adams, Maurine Pyle (recording), Dawn Crimson, Michael Batinski.  Visitor: Pastor In-Sook Hwang, retired minister from Grace Methodist Church.

1. The business meeting opened with silence.

2. Tom read the Advice on Participation for Meeting for Business.

3. Treasurer's Report: operating balance of $1502. All expenses are on track and routine. We received a thank you for our donation from Good Samaritan Ministries. Accepted.

4. We reviewed the visit by Julie Peyton, our FWCC visitor in October. Maurine said that she sent messages of gratitude to Julie, Robin Mohr and the Traveling Ministries Team. We appreciated having visitors from St. Louis, Urbana-Champaign and one visitor from Carbondale.

5. Earlham School of Religion Project: Tom read a summary of the project. Maurine described how the clearness committee helped her find the next steps for her book NEW CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT. A report will be attached to these minutes. Maurine has scheduled two on-line conversations with three Quaker elders and three Millennials in November. These dialogues will be posted on the ESR website and readily visible to visitors to their Resource page. Accepted.

6. In gratitude for the rich experience with Julie Peyton as an FWCC visitor, we agreed to send $200 to the FWCC Traveling Ministries fund. Approved.

7. Our next Life of the Meeting will be held at Kathy Cotton's home on Saturday 11/10/2018 at 6pm.