SIQM Minutes 2018-09-16

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Meeting for Worship + Business, 09/16/2018

Present: Dennis Holtzclaw, Dawn Crimson, Jill Adams, Maurine Pyle (recorder), Kathy Cotton, Tom Hensold (clerk)

1. Dawn presented the treasurer's report for July which was accepted. The August report showed a closing Operating Fund balance of $1,282.01. She anticipates receiving a bill from the FGC Quaker Cloud soon.
Report was accepted.

2. FWCC Traveling Minister Julie Peyton's visit scheduled events:

  • Thursday, October 11 – Arrives from St. Louis via BART and staying in Dawn's home
  • Friday – October 12 – Hiking Snake Road with Jill Adams. Others are welcome to come along.
  • Friday night – potluck at Dawn's house
  • Saturday – October 13 -during the day she is available for "opportunities" with anyone
  • Saturday night – SIWADE is playing at Gaia House.
  • Sunday – October 14 – Visitors will be coming from St. Louis Meeting and Champaign-Urbana Meeting. They will join us for worship, potluck and Julie's program. Her topic: Is EVANGELICAL QUAKER AN OXYMORON? She is a member of Sierra-Cascade Yearly Meeting.
  • Monday – October 15 - Julie leaves for St. Louis.

3. Houses of Faith Tour during "11 Days for Peace" event. Our meeting will be open to visitors 9:30 AM on Sunday September 30th for a Q&A session on "Who are the Quakers?" Visitors will be invited to stay for waiting worship and discussion.

4. September 23 - Kathy Cotton will lead discussion of Quaker Faith and Practice.

5. Maurine raised a concern about increases in the use of prisons for the mentally ill population. Jill offered to do more research on this subject including the proposal by local politicians to reopen Tamms Prison in Ullin, IL.

6. Maurine informed the meeting of an effort by the Carbondale Interfaith Council to send clergy visitors to the Detention Center in Pulaski County Jail in Ullin. This facility is being used for the incarceration of immigrants charged by ICE [Immigration Service]. A committee meeting will be held at Epiphany Lutheran Church on Thursday, September 21st at 9:30 AM and is open to the public.

7. A clearness committee met with Maurine Pyle on September 2nd including Tom Hensold, Dawn Crimson, Tom Leverett [via videocall], Adriane Koontz and Russell. We have identified some ways forward for Maurine's book and blog called New Children of the Light: Quaker Youth Speak their Truth to the World.

8. Meeting closed.