SIQM Minutes 2018-01-28

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Meeting for Worship + Business, 01/28/2018

Present: Tom Hensold (clerk), Maurine Pyle, Norma, Dawn Crimson (Treasurer) recording, Dennis Holtzclaw, Jill Adams, Kathy Cotton

1. Meeting opened with silence.

2. The Treasurer's reports were reviewed and accepted. November 2017 operating balance beginning $1,584.18, ending $1,339.18. December 2017 operating balance beginning $1,339.18, ending $1,554.18.

3. Friends are encouraged to make contributions during the Souper Bowl of Caring next weekend, in the form of plastic grocery bags, food, or cash. We will distribute the contributions as needed.

4. ILYM's suggested meeting contibution per Adult Resident Member is now $252 per year. SIQM is already contributing more than that, at $120/month, and we unite in continuing at that level.

5. We are in unity to continue our support of the Martin Luther King Jr celebration each January, and authorize the Treasurer to send $50 for 2018's celebration just past.

6. We joyfully accept Michael Batinski as a member of Southern Illinois Quaker Meeting. It is the sense of the meeting that Michael has long been a member in spirit.

7.We feel the need for continuing conversation about the evolution of a ministry and what it is we might need to publish, for the benefit of other groups that oversee Quaker ministries. We unite to continue setting aside funds monthly for the support of future ministry activitiees.

8. We have thoroughly enjoyed recent group activities, and unite on the following schedule. Second Sundays second hour we will participate in Attitudinal Healing, and for third Sundays second hour we will participate in Quaker Exploration (discussion format).

9. We propose next Life of the Meeting on Saturday Feb 10th. We are waiting for a Friend to feel led to host.