SIQM Minutes 2017-11-27

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Meeting for Worship + Business, 11/27/2017

Present: Tom Hensold (clerk), Dawn Crimson (Treasurer) recording, Jill Adams, Kathy Cotton, Dennis Holtzclaw, Gary Marx, Michael Batinski

1. Meeting opened with silence.

2. We held a discussion about roles and forming and recording minutes.

3. Treasurer's report: Operating Fund $1,584.18. Treasurer's report accepted.

4. Discussion of oversight of Ministry. We explored concerns raised by Maurine related to the status of her ministry. It was our sense that this conversation can only be continued with Maurine's presence. We recognize that Maurine's health issues preclude her participation at this time, and we look forward to meeting with her in the coming weeks.

5. On Sunday January 14, 2018 for second hour, we encourage all Friends to join together to explore the process of Attitudinal Healing.

6. Gary will draft a letter from the meeting to express our sympathy and support for the local Sufi Dayemi community after the horrific attack on a Sufi mosque in Egypt this week.

7. We closed with brief silence.