SIQM Minutes 2017-10-22

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Meeting for Worship + Business, 10/22/2017

Present: Dawn Crimson, Kathy Cotton, Jill Adams (first half), Tom Hensold

1. Meeting opened with silence.

2. Treasurer's report: Operating Fund $1,554.18, Ministry Fund $97.47, Money Market $2,993.56. Treasurer's report accepted.

3. Discussed letter from Michael Batinski received 10/21/2017 asking for a clearness committee. We were deeply moved by his heartfelt request. When Michael returns, we ask whether he wishes to make suggestions of whom he would want to be on his clearness committee, and we will go forward to form a clearness committee for him. We desire, moved by his inquiry, a period of worship sharing for all to explore each of our seeking and spiritual paths. [Topic for 3rd Sunday discussion]

4. We accept Maurine Pyle's request, as stated in her letter of May 24, 2017, that we release our oversight of her ministry and place her letter and story in the folders of our minute book. We are open to clearness for further involvement in and support of her ministry.