SIQM Minutes 2017-09-24

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Meeting for Worship + Business, 9/24/2017

Attending: Tom Hensold, Dawn Crimson, Kathy Cotton, Adriane Koontz

Meeting opened after some period of silence.

1) Treasurer reports for July and August were accepted. Operating Fund balance $1,084.18 in August [after paying annual insurance premium].

2) Some discussion about the laying down of ministry oversight for Maurine. It was decided to plan for the next business the following:

-- Acceptance of Maurine's letter about laying down oversight of her ministry. Hopefully this item will incluude Maurine.

-- The meeting's further committment to ministry, in general.

-- How we communicate these discernments and growth to others.

3) The next Life of the Meeting was planned for October 14 at Kris and Adriane's.

4) A further commitment was made to continue the 3rd Sunday discussion format. Kathy offered to help facilitate.