SIQM Minutes 2017-07-23

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Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business - 7/23/2017

Present: Noah Leverett, Dennis Holtzclaw, Gary Marx, Maurine Pyle, Kathy Cotton, Tom Hensold, Jill Adams, Dawn Crimson

1. Treasurer's reports for May and June presented. June Operating Fund $1,625.18, Ministry Fund $67.47, Money Market $2,992.06. Treasurer's reports accepted.

2. Annual Corporation Meeting held. We affirmed that the Clerk serves as President, the Recording Clerk serves as Secretary, and the Treasurer serves as Treasurer. The President is Tom Hensold, the Secretary is Jill Adams, and the Treasurer is Dawn Crimson.

3. The next Life of the Meeting is at Dawn's on Friday, 8/25/17.

4. State of the Meeting: we considered the State of Society drafted as of 5/30/17 at 7:51 a.m. Slight revisions were made to the final paragraph and these changes are reflected in the final draft in this minute book.

5. Sharing of minutes: in the future, meeting minutes will be placed on the public access A notice will go on the listserv when minutes are posted. We affirm that the published minutes can be exact, incluuding names unless someone makes a request that their name not be included.

6. Kathy Cottonn has offered to maintain the meeting directory. We gratefully accept her offer.

7. We again express our appreciation to Dawn for setting up the web site.

8. Dawn will check to see if the Dayemi Family Center is stilll available for Meeting on 8/20 (just before the 8/21 solar eclipse). If it is available, we will have meeting at our usual time.

9. We closed with silence.