SIQM Minutes 2017-05-28

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SI Quaker Meeting for Business 5/28/17

Present: Tom H., Ginny H., Michael B. Chris P., Jill A., Kathy C., Dennis H., Dawn C.


The meeting began with silence.


1. Treasurer's Report (as of 4/30/17


Balance:                                  $1,230.18

Ministry Fund:                         $47.47

Money Market:                                   $2,990.57


The treasurer's Report was accepted.


2. We held a discussion of Maurine's letter of 5/24/17 which states, "I am releasing you from the care of this ministry." We have not reached a sense of the meeting on how to respond. We value the way she has brought dialogue to the diverse community of Quakers. We seek to understand how we can continue to support her ministry. We invite Maurine to join us in discussion of how the care of her ministry can evolve.


3. We appreciate the presence of David Shiner and Peter Lasersohn of the ILYM Committee on Faith and Practice and their facilitation of our continued discussion of the ILYM Faith and Practice on recognizing spiritual gifts and leadership. We appreciate their deep listening and their enhancing our understanding.


4. Dennis will host the next Life of the Meeting on Saturday, June 3, at 6:00.


The meeting closed with a period of silence.