SIQM Minutes 2017-02-26

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SI Quaker Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business 2/26/17

Present: Michael B., Katie W., Maurine P., Jill A., Dawn C.

Dawn served as clerk in Tom's absence.

The Meeting opened with silence.

Dawn explained the new format of the treasurer's report.

Balance as of 1/30/17:                       $734.18

Ministry Fund                                      $57.47


The treasurer's report was approved.


We approved spending $40 from the ministry fund for Maurine's registration fee for the Bryan Drayton workshop in Richmond, IN.


Maurine will send Dawn a draft of a ministry appeal letter and we will consider sending out an appeal for the ministry fund after Dawn sends out a proposed letter to the Meeting.


We discussed revisions to Maurine's travel minute. Dawn will post a revision to the listserv. We will revisit the travel minute at a subsequent business meeting, most likely in March.


Dawn will contact representatives from ILYM Faith and Practice Committee about available dates to have them visit our meeting for discussion of ILYM Faith and Practice.  April 9 was suggested as an available date.


Life of the Meeting will be March 24 at Zach and Katie's, subject to revision based upon availability of the community. We will consider discussing our State of the Meeting at this Life of the Meeting.


We welcome Juniper and any other children to sit with us at teh beginning of Meeting.


We closed with a brief period of silence.