Friendly Eclipse Chasers?

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Total Solar Eclipse Through Southern Illinois

8/20/2017 Worship CANCELLED: location is ground zero for eclipse festivities

Our Small Meeting Will Be Eclipsed in 2017 and 2024

The news for Carbondale is exciting: we're located within a couple of seconds of longest duration for the historic total solar eclipse due to occur Monday, August 21, 2017. NASA is teaming up with Southern Illinois University to create a major observation hub here on campus. Tens of thousands of visitors are expected in our rural college town. And we'll be right under another one in April of 2024.

Yes, we have had requests for assistance with hospitality for Quakers during the event and the preceding weekend; since we are a small meeting, we only have a few beds and tent sites to spare, and most of those have been claimed. It can't hurt to send us an email to ask ([email protected]). But click here for an information gateway that might help you find lodging. 

Friends are choosing their prime observation spots, and may be able to include fellow Quakers at their viewing sites. Whatever you do, try to get close to the center line of the shadow path. At the outer edges of the path, your totality might only be 20 seconds, but at the center, it will be closer to two and a half minutes. THIS EVENT IS WORTH A HALF DAY'S DRIVE!! Some people fly half way around the globe to witness totality. It is guaranteed to be dramatic and unforgettable ... weather permitting! 

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