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Minute to End Immigrant Child Separation and Incarceration

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18-06-01: As Quakers, we are called to treat our fellow human beings with the utmost respect, dignity and care, including those with whom we disagree strongly. This does not mean, however that we will remain silent when acts of great harm are committed by the most powerful against the most vulnerable. We will not remain silent when God, or any sacred justification, is invoked to support such actions.

As people of faith, we call for an immediate end to the practice of removing children from their parents because their parents have attempted to enter the United States, regardless of whether that entry constitutes a misdemeanor under U.S. law. We call for immediately reuniting children and parents already separated. We call for an immediate end to the incarceration of children, with or without their parents. And we call for an end to any and all practices that treat any immigrating individuals as "less than" or "other," or that treat them with hostility and cruelty.

We commit to actively working with all those striving to ensure that our immigration policies reflect the best of ou shared humanity and are grounded in the compassionate application of the principle of "liberty and justice for all.

Minute approved by Meeting for Worship on the Occasion of Business, Santa Monica Meeting of The Religious Society of Friends, June 24, 2018