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House Committee Annual Report, Dec 2016

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2006 Solar panels installed, we generate more electricity than we use, still $25/mo on grid.
2008 Roof repair and installed skylights.
2010 Two rain barrels installed, water is used for plants.
2014 Hot water recirculating pump installed. Shower, sinks warm less than 1 minute instead of 3 or more minutes, saves water.
2014 Installed kitchen sink water filter, cost 4x less than bottled water, more counter space.
2015 Began to rope off parking from the alley during the week, no longer have to tow cars.
2015 Purchased weed whacker and leaf blower for Friend in Residence. Stopped gardener who came every 2 weeks;sometimes doing almost nothing or late for needs.
2015 Renovated women’s restroom with eco-friendly linoleum and paint.
2015 Installed new lighting, faucets, and paper towel dispensers in restrooms.
2015 Set up recycling bin in patio.
2016 City of Santa Monica inspected water usage and Meeting use was okay.
2016 Rearranged the sun shades in the patio to prevent bird droppings on decking.
2016 Began saving kitchen sink water for plants. No longer need to use hose for watering.
2016 Set up compost bucket and got Santa Monica to give us green cart for disposal.

Renters minimum 2 hours pay main room $20/hr, toy room $10/hr

Monday evening: Women’s Alcoholics Anonymous main room
Tuesday evening:: Buddhist Meditation in toy room, Debtors Anonymous main room
Wednesday evening: Miracle Project social skills for autistic ages 16-24 main room
Thursday evening: Overeaters Anonymous main room
Some Saturdays: Continuum movement awareness main room
Some Sundays: Women’s sacred dance main room 
Part time renters include spiritual poetry, sacred drumming, spiritual teachers, photo shoot, holiday boutique,hospice group, etc. 


Friend in Residence does gardening and minor maintenance as needed.
Handyman Marek is hired for major maintenance.
Sunny Maintenance comes every Tuesday and Friday morning to clean all downstairs rooms and patio.

- By Grant Ramey, Friend in Residence