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Building Use

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Facilities for Community Groups Sharing Quaker Principles

Santa Cruz Friends are pleased to offer the use of our facilities to other community groups aligned with Quaker principles. We request a donation in return to help us maintain the building.

The building is conveniently located next to Highway 1, with the north-bound exit just 80 feet from the driveway. There are three rooms available for use by local groups.

The big room, or worship hall, measures approximately 31 x 43 feet, with another 15 feet of stage area and a high A-frame ceiling. There are six large east and west-facing windows for natural lighting and air, plus two doors leading directly outside. Artificial lighting is selectably available from standard tube flourescents from the sides, compact flourescent from above center and incandescents from the stage. This room contains 65 padded chairs, with 30 more available from a hallway closet and 40 un-padded folding chairs. In addition to a professionally-tuned Pleyel (Paris) grand piano, users have access to a 12 x 12 ft. white screen at the back of the stage, a public address system with one microphone and one direct-in option as well as an assistive system for hearing impaired users who are using a "T-loop" hearing aide. The floor is mixed carpet and linoleum, thus suitable for only limited forms of dance. 

The social hall measures approximately 20 feet by 38 feet, with several large north-facing windows for natural light and tube flourescents for artificial lighting. 

The children's room is suitable for groups of fewer than 12 people. It has one window and tube fluorescent lighting. 

For inquiries about using the meetinghouse facilities please download and fill out the following short form (Meetinghouse_Use.doc, at the bottom left of this page) and return it via email to [email protected] or via postal mail to the address on the form. The calendar clerk will call you. You may also call the calendar clerk at (831) 319-8194.