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Roanoke Friends Meeting
"Membership is a way of saying that you feel at home and in the right place. Membership
is also a way of saying to the meeting and to the world that you accept at least the
fundamental elements of being a Quaker: the understanding of divine guidance, the
manner of corporate worship and the ordering of the meeting's business, the practical
expression of inward convictions and the equality of all before God. In asking to be
admitted into the community of the meeting you are affirming what the meeting stands
for and declaring your willingness to contribute to its life."
--Britain Yearly Meeting, 1999
We joyously welcome attenders and visitors at all stages of their exploration of
Quakerism. If you feel led to a deepening of your commitment to our Meeting and would
like to pursue a formal membership, here is how to get started on that journey:
Let the Meeting Clerk or any member of Ministry and Counsel
know of your interest.
Review the packet of information on Quakerism in the blue folder
as well as the specific information about becoming a member in
Faith and Practice.
The Clerk or a member of Ministry and Counsel
can show you where to find these resources.
Participation in our Meetings for Worship with a Concern for Business
and in one of our committees is a wonderful way to get a feel for the life
of our community.
Write a letter of
your desire to become a member to the Clerk or any member of
Ministry and Counsel.
Roanoke Friends Meeting
505 Day Avenue
Roanoke, VA 24016
Co-Clerks: Tony Martin, (540) 586-5474
Mike Heller, (540) 915-2385