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What kind of file should I use when?

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Which files are for pictures? Which ones are for documents? Is a pdf a picture or a document? How do I compress my files so they fit? How can someone open a .doc file if they don't use Windows?

The Quaker Cloud offers X kinds of files, but how do you know which one to use where? What do the file sizes mean? The easiest way to understand files on the Quaker Cloud is to divide them up between picture files and docment files.

Picture Files:

You can put an unlimited number of pictures on your Quaker Cloud site.  These pictures can go on the homepage as a Banner or logo.  They can go on your content pages on the top left as an Image or on the right in the slideshow.  At this time the image to illustrate your content can be up to **20MB large**.  A picture in the slideshow can be 2MB – about the size of an average picture on a smartphone.

What types of picture files can I use?

The files you can use will end in .png, .gif, .jpg, and .jpeg.  These are the most common types of picture files.

Why can’t I add picture anywhere I want?

The Quaker Cloud template is intentionally rigid.  The aesthetic of the page has been setup to reflect current trends of web design.

What about videos?

We actually don’t host videos.  If you would like a video to appear on your page you will need to put it on Youtube and then put the link to it in the box that will appear when you click Slideshow.

Text Files:

There are ten different kinds of text files that can be uploaded to the Quaker Cloud.  These can be added to a page of content only under Files.  If you would like to add these files to your site you are limited to a size of 2 MB.  If you have a document that is too large, you can compress it into a .zip or .gz file.  If the original file is able to be read by a computer, then the file will still be indexed even if it is compressed.

What text files can be put on the Quaker Cloud?

doc docx xls xlsx ppt pptx txt pdf zip gz

How do I decide what kind of file to put my documents in?

The decision is of course up to your meeting, but some factors to consider are the accesibilty and longevity of the file types.  A file such as a .docx might be difficult for someone to read if they do not have a newer version of Microsoft Office or software that can read this proprietary format.  A better solution to consider might be a pdf which can be more widely accessed than other files.  Certain word processing software will even save pdfs in an archivable format  supported by the Library of Congress.  Archivable pdfs can be saved on the Quaker Cloud.

What if I want larger files on the Quaker Cloud?

There is a possibility to work with Cloud Support to put files as large as 20MB on the Quaker Cloud.  Feel free to ask, it’s a great way to archive years, decades, even centuries of minutes!

The best way to get questions answered about files is to reach out to [email protected]


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