Piedmont Friends Fellowship and Yearly Meeting

Welcome to the Piedmont Friends Fellowship (PFF) and the Piedmont Friends Yearly Meeting (PFYM) website.

PFF and PFYM are related but separate Friends (Quaker) organizations that share appropriate common activities for the benefit of both. 

Meetings and worship groups that are members of PFF and PFYM are generally located in Piedmont North Carolina and adjacent areas of Virginia and South Carolina.


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Piedmont Friends Yearly Meeting (PFYM) is an openly inclusive Quaker yearly meeting seeking to be of service to monthly meetings and worship groups in the Piedmont region of North Carolina and adjacent areas.  Member meetings are both un-programmed and semi-programmed, large and small, firmly Christian and more universal, rural and city, but all share a common commitment to living out examples of a spirit led life of love and compassion, especially as defined by the traditional Quaker testimonies of Peace, Equality, Simplicity, Integrity, and Community


This page lists PFF minutes and other documents for which we have digitized data.

  • Minutes of PFF Annual Meetings

  • Minutes of PFF Representative Body

  • Ad Hoc Committee for yearly meeting concerns


Piedmont Friends Fellowship Member Meetings

The following Friends Meetings and Worship Groups are members of Piedmont Friends Fellowship.  (See below for directions and contact information.)


Note:  This page describes the organizational structure of Piedmont Friends Fellowship.   Piedmont Friends Yearly Meeting is organized independently.


The Piedmont Friends Fellowship evolved from a quarterly meeting of NC Yearly Meeting-FUM held in the fall of 1968 at Quaker Lake Conference Center.  The quarterly meeting clerk, Claude Shotts of Chapel Hill Monthly Meeting, suggested that the particular needs of unprogrammed meetings in this region might better be met by a separate organization.  Among several concerns, it was clear that the (FUM) yearly meeting was unable to consider a Friends' response to the continued prosecution of the war in Vietnam.  John Hunter from Durham Meeting was asked to organize such a meeting.


Piedmont Friends Fellowship (PFF) is a collective of 19 Friends (Quaker) Meetings and Worship Groups in North Carolina and nearby areas that gathers for worship and fellowship in the spirit of Friends' quarterly meetings.


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Contact Information

PFF Clerk:

(2016-2019); Jeff Brown (Chapel Hill Mtg)
[email protected]

More PFF contacts are on the PFF Overview Page

PFYM Clerk:

(2018- 2020); Gary Hornsby (Salem Creek Meeting)
[email protected]

More PFYM contacts are on the PFYM Overview Page

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