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3. PQM Online Outreach & In Reach

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-from PQM E-News, June 2020

Now, more than ever, Quakers connect online. 

PQM E-News via Mailchimp - Click Here to Subscribe!  Visit the Archives to read past issues.

Philadelphia Quarterly Facebook Page. Caveat: The Facebook page is a work in progress. Volunteers for the Communications Committee are very welcome!

PQM is looking for friends to help Philadelphia Quakers to become contributors and share about their favorite ministries with Friends across the Quarter. If you want to get involved in the PQM Communications Committee - let us know! 

To send us items for the PQM E-News, please email [email protected]. Include your name, your monthly meeting and phone contact information. Or call Lanza, PQM Coordinator at the office or cell phone 215.990-3196. 

Please note: We want to do more E-News, but for now to prioritize resources, the PQM E-News is published on as needed / as possible basis.