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Quarter Fundraising Letter

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First Sunday Potluck at Stapeley

October 25, 2013

Dear Friends, Attenders, and Supporters of Philadelphia Quarter,

Help us build Philadelphia Quarter and continue the work we have started! With your support we have already grown and learned:

We now have regular " First Sunday" worship and potluck dinners at Stapeley.  The Quaker Voluntary Service house in Germantown was made ready in August for its 8 volunteers, now working at social service agencies in Philadelphia.  In applying for funding for QVS, we learned PQM needed to establish an "audit committee" that will strengthen our financial controls and accountability.  We held "Listening Sessions" at two member meetings for AFSC as it considers program work in the Philadelphia area. Inspired by those sessions, connections are being built among those working in our quarter on issues of racial justice, mass incarceration, healing from trauma, neighborhood development, and public education.  "The New Underground Railroad" program meeting came directly out of the AFSC listening sessions.

One area we long to build is involvement of and support for our Young Friends in quarter events. Junior Interim meeting is being held this year at Historic Fair Hill, where they will live out "God’s Big Idea" for them:

"The Children of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting are called to make the world a better place by finding fun ways to care for specific environments so that creatures living there can be healthy." (the Children’s Priority 2013-15). Your donation and volunteering as FAPs could support the deepening and strengthening of our quarter’s future spirit-led leadership.

In order to increase effective coordination, we need more resources. In addition to asking individuals to give, we also encourage monthly meetings to consider increasing its covenant with the Quarter. Attached are our financial statements and 2014 budget.

We are pleased to announce that you can donate online via the Quarter website (, or you can mail a check to the Friends Center address on this letter. Would you consider $15 to $50 or more? Our goal for fiscal year ending June 30, 2014 includes an increase of $3,000 (toward the coordinator’s salary, which currently draws from reserves); for 2015, it is $4,250. We appreciate every gift.

Your contribution funds the one-fifth time coordinator; small grants for Delaware Valley Friends School, Historic Fair Hill, and Quaker activities at Wesley Enhanced Living at Stapeley; our new FGC-hosted website; and Friends Journal listing for First Day meetings in Philadelphia. Your gift can help solidify our tangible progress!

Thank you for all you do to support Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting.  Blessings,

Hollister Knowlton, Clerk; Andrew Anderson, Assistant Clerk; Paula Cell, Assistant Clerk; Edward Rhoads,Treasurer; Pamela Moore, Recording Clerk, Sara Palmer, Alternate Recording Clerk