Program for July 16th: Query on Home & Family

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Sunday, July 16, 2017 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

ADVICE We seek an atmosphere within our homes and within our families which nurtures the many physical, social, spiritual and emotional needs of each of us. This is true whether we live alone or with others. A family, whatever its composition, is a unique and sometimes fragile bonding of people. At its best, it is concerned with the welfare of the whole and each of its constituents. Children bring gifts to the families that nurture them. Our children’s earliest encounters with the principles of Friends usually occur within our homes. Examples we set are often more effective than verbal guidance. The loving support of the meeting is needed as children learn to understand and practice Quaker principles in their lives. While we try to make our homes centers of love, we sometimes feel anger and hostility. Part of the challenge of being human is to learn to constructively channel the energy of anger, relying on the Divine Spirit for love and guidance. Worship in the home can enable us to hold ourselves and one another in the Light. Respect for truth, as each discerns it, is essential to the happiness and spiritual growth of all persons within the home. Clear communication, patience and a sense of humor are vital to family relationships. We value setting aside time for rest, recreation and creative activities. Offering hospitality can foster mutual bonds of friendship and love and can enrich our own lives and the lives of others.


  • How can we make our homes places of love and hospitality?
  • What different expectations do we hold for women and men, boys and girls?
  • How can we bring more equality into our relationships?
  • How do we develop and maintain lines of communication?
  • In what ways do we share our deepest experiences, struggles, concerns and beliefs with our children and others, yet encourage them to develop their potential as the Spirit leads them?
  • What place do we make in our daily lives for meditation, spiritual renewal and reading of inspiring literature, such as the Bible?
  • How does our meeting support families of all kinds?