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Quakerism 101

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Quakerism 101 will take place during the First Day Adult Religious Education sessions starting at 11:30am. Questions to be addressed include:
What is the history of Quakerism? What does it stand for?  How is it practiced and what are the principle testimonies?  How is it organized and what makes it unique?  Oak Park Friends Meeting is making this course available to all members and attenders who wish to learn more about Quakerism. Bring your quesions and concerns. We are open to additional queries.  All classes are free and open to the public.

It should be pointed out that the intention of this course is only to provide a brief introduction to the basic historical, theological, and structural facts of Quakerism.  A deeper and more broad education regarding Quakerism is available in many other venues and, most importantly, the experiential basis of Quakerism must be apprehended through ongoing worship and work.

Oak Park Friends Meeting’s “Quakerism 101” resources will be provided on this website. Appreciation is extended to all the Quakers who helped prepare the materials.

Resources for Orientation Session 1 can be watched by clicking on the links below. Clips will be presented at Session 1, but feel free to click below for a "sneak preview" prior to the orientation session:

1) How Quakerism Began published by QuakerSpeak/ In this five-minute clip, Max Carter shares the story of George Fox, a Quaker who went seeking for spiritual answers and found them not in a church, but within. Max is a professor at Guilford College.

2) The Quaker Story published by Sidcot School/ A six-minute overview that helps to explain Quaker language and customs.


How Quakerism Began
The Quaker Story