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NYM Journal 1:2 Fall 2019

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We hope you enjoy the second edition of the NYM Journal, featuring inspiring and thoughtful work by members of our community!

*Open the NYM Journal file from the Files area at the bottom of this post.

In this issue:

• Letters From & To The Editor
• May 2019 NYM Annual Session Epistle
• El Salvador Friends
• 2019 Travel Minute For Jerry Knutson
• Epistle Of The NYM High School Group
• What Do Retreats Mean To You?
• 2060: Looking Back At War
• Holding Our Families In The Light
• On Sustaining An Activist Life
• Making Capital Work For Social Justice
• Working With “That Of God In Everyone”

Request a mailed copy in the future if needed: [email protected]

Submit articles for the next issue:

Friends of Northern Yearly Meeting are encouraged to submit creative artistic work and writing, including personal reflections and articles about your work and experiences as Quakers to [email protected]. We are accepting articles on on ongoing bases.

16 pages