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Seeking Logo ideas for Northern Yearly Meeting!

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Calling all artists and graphic designers!
Northern Yearly Meeting (NYM) needs a logo!

We are reaching out to creative members of our community to submit logo ideas that will readily identify Northern Yearly Meeting on our written and visual materials. NYM now has many publications and no logo to tie them all together, including the NYM Journal, e-News, brochure, Website, Minute Books, and letterhead for the Epistle and other official communications.

Parameters: The logo should inclusively represent our NYM community, as it will over time come to be associated with us. At least a main part of the image must fit into a square area; there can be options for text next to the image or below it, or a variety of arrangements. The letters “NYM” may be included in the image or not. The logo must be able to be used along with our name “Northern Yearly Meeting,” but the name doesn’t need to be part of the image. The image must look good in color as well as black & white.

There will be a selection process that includes members of the Communications Committee, Clerks Team and others integrally involved in NYM. We may choose a concept and modify it in some way due to publishing requirements or other factors. We will present final designs to the NYM community for feedback.

Please send your proposed logos and questions to [email protected] in electronic format by August 15, 2019. The final logo will become the property of Northern Yearly Meeting.

- NYM Communications Committee