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Announcing the new NYM Journal: Friends EnLightening Friends - coming in February!

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The NYM Journal aims to produce a publication that informs and inspires Friends with examples of Quaker faith and practice. Each issue will feature articles related to the Quaker values that are the focus of NYM Faith and Practice. We plan to publish three issues per year: Winter/Spring; Summer, and Fall. Deadlines will be announced in the e-News and posted on the NYM website (About>Publications).

The Journal will be different from the e-News. It will feature more than just facts – so keep reading the NYM e-News for upcoming events, announcements and resources. Reflections, personal insights, analysis of significant concepts, even the evaluation of life itself will all be part of the Journal. Since it will be published publicly on the website for the world to see, permission must be granted to include names, images or personal information (a form will be available soon).

Meetings and Worship Groups will receive a few paper copies in the mail; but individuals will receive the Journal electronically, in an easy-to-print format, unless they specifically request paper copies. Everyone who receives the e-News will get the first edition of the NYM Journal. If you have questions about delivery, please contact the database clerk ([email protected]), or subscribe at

Submit articles for the summer issue by July 19 to: [email protected]

Editor: Tom Darrow (Kenosha-Racine Friends Worship Group)
Layout: Colby Abazs (Duluth-Superior Friends Meeting)