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Living Our Beliefs

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Friends attempt to live by our testimonies. Much of our "ministry" is carried out within our families, places of work, and through our community involvements. Over the years, Quakers have worked for prison reform, the abolition of slavery, women's suffrage, an end to the death penalty, civil rights, right sharing of the world's resources, stewardship of the earth, peaceful conflict resolution, religious liberty, and have advocated for alternative service for those whose conscience forbids them to kill others in war. Quakers have ministered to the needy, especially victims of war.

Friends seek to create what Rev. Martin Luther King described as a beloved community in their meetings and hope to influence the wider community to become one as well. Friends have long held that our belief that there is the light of the Divine (God) in each of us will help us achieve community or unity. Quakers have expected our common belief in the inner light to lead us in the same direction and toward the same goals. We believe in "continuing revelation" which means that Friends believe that God is still in communication with us. This is part of the ongoing spiritual journey that many Friends find is part of their daily lives.