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Minute on Climate Change

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New Haven Friends Meeting Minute on Climate Change

Minute 1/15-02 New Haven Monthly Meeting has joined with others in our Quarter and Yearly Meeting to seek, to educate ourselves, and to act, as individuals and as a Meeting, on the climate crisis facing humanity.  We have held seeker sessions, welcomed speakers on civil disobedience and on gardening, and we were part of local organizing for the People's Climate March. Several of us participated in conferences sponsored by the Yale Divinity School and the Interreligious Eco-Justice Network calling upon faith communities to take informed action to address climate change and the injustices that are inherent in it.  Some among us have begun to monitor their own energy usage on a monthly basis. Many have begun to grow food or support local organic farmers.  Some have purchased energy-efficient cars and worked to promote and use alternatives to the automobile. We have given financial support to local organizations, a statewide interfaith organization leading this work and a Quaker organization dedicated to stopping mountain-top removal through non-violent protest. We supported Friend Jay O'Hara by hosting a public program here, by our presence in court, and with a donation. Friends Center for Children is a beautiful example of an energy efficient building.

We do not believe that our actions are sufficient.  Yet we believe it is important to name our actions in order to remind ourselves that change that is morally necessary is possible, and can be a joyful thing.  We can do it, singly and together.  We remind ourselves and each other that the strength of our tradition equips us to see and to lead in this moment.  We will continue to act vigorously and to bear public witness.  We are part of a large system that creates distress to the environment and puts people across the planet in great danger.  We are part of the problem and we must be part of the solution. We strongly challenge ourselves to change that system and to reduce our carbon footprint in solidarity with others to achieve worldwide justice on behalf of those who are at daily risk from climate change.   We call upon all Friends everywhere to do the same and to show us the way.

Approved by New Haven Monthly Meeting 1-18-15