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West Elkton

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West Elkton Friends Meeting
West Elkton Friends Meeting
147 Main Street, PO Box 27, West Elkton  Ohio  45070
Pastor: Leigh Eason


Worship times
Adult discussion time is on Sunday mornings at 9:30, with semi-programmed Meeting For Worship and Young Friends each Sunday at 10:30. A light social fellowship is held each fourth Sunday of each month after worship.
In 1804, Surveyor General of the Northwest Territory sent out a letter to the Yearly Meetings to invite people to relocate to the Miami Valley. The Quakers of Wrightsboro, Georgia responded and moved to what is now West Elkton in 1805. They were followed by Friends from the Carolinas (1807), New Jersey and Philadelphia. Initially, they met at Eli Cook's farm. What was originally Elk Meeting became a monthly meeting in 1809. It was part of Baltimore Yearly Meeting until 1812 and of Ohio Yearly Meeting until Ohio set off Indiana Yearly Meeting in 1821. 
In the Hicksite-Orthodox controversy of 1827-8, while most of the membership remained Orthodox, the building was shared with the Hicksites, and many historically Hicksite members remaining in the meeting. This level of comfort with diversity has characterized the meeting since then, though it did experience an Anti-Slavery separation in 1843.