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Adult Ed Sept. 22

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Spiritual Deepening
We will begin our new year of Spiritual Deepening on Sept. 22.
If you are interested in deepening your relationship with Spirit and would like the structure of a small group, please come and explore.
Those of you already in a group, please come and share what you have garnered from your experience.
Groups usually meet once a month, but more often is also good.
It is very flexible.  Each group decides on the structure of how often, and the process.  Some groups read the same material; some each pursue their own path and share; some all practice the same spiritual discipline; some explore a different discipline each month. Sometimes groups check in with each other electronically in order to support at non meeting times.
A spiritual Discipline can be a simple as doing whatever already opens you up to the experience of the Divine, but practicing more or more of the awareness. 
There are resources on Sounds True (website)/ and there are others
Please contact jan: [email protected] if you are interested and cannot attend on Sunday.