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Children / First Day School / Nursery

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During Sunday worship services childcare is available for younger children, with our very experienced caregiver. For children in pre-Kindergarten through sixth grade, First Day (Sunday) School is held on the first through third Sundays (September through June) at 10:30 a.m. and is open to the children of all members, attenders, and visitors. A greeter will show you where the nursery is located and where the First Day School meets (generally upstairs).

We have a fully developed program, and a staff person who teaches First Day School. Classes might include a story, song, art, or game.  Please ask the teacher if you have questions about that day's activities. Ideas for activities and outings are welcome.

Children join the meeting at 11:15 for the last 15 minutes of worship. This is a meeting that welcomes children. We know that silent worship may be difficult for children, and our members are very understanding of age-appropriate restlessness and noises.

From time to time, an outing to a Quaker-related place or museum may be scheduled. All Friends are encouraged to accompany the families that take part. Look for announcements on our list serv for details.