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Guidelines for all attendees of MFW

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Per MMFP's Meeting for Worship for Business held the sixth month, 21st day, 2020, these guidelines were distributed by Steve Lewis, clerk of the Worship and Ministry committee, in the finalized form via the Arch mailing list on 7/4/20 1:56:04 PM.

Below is the list of guidelines for all attendees of MFW at the meetinghouse beginning 7/12/20:

1.    *Masks* must be worn when first entering the meetinghouse, during MFW and when departing from the meetinghouse.

2.    *Social Distancing* – Members and attenders will adhere to a six-foot distance on all sides during MFW. If distancing between rows becomes an issue, ribbons will be put up on every other row as a subtle guide. An exception to the above distancing requirements is that family members including partners, spouses, and children, do not need to abide by the six-foot distance with each other.

3.    *Sanitizing* – Greeters will arrive early, and wipe down all door handles and surfaces that are likely to have contact with worshippers.

In addition, everyone must hand sanitize outside the worship room at the sanitizing station prior to entering the worship room.

4.    *Meeting size* – The recommendation is to drop the 25-person limitation in the west room, as long as social distancing is not affected when having more than 25 worshippers.

5.    *Temperature Taking* – The committee is not recommending mandatory temperature taking; it will be offered as an option for those who want it when entering the meetinghouse.

6.    *Visitors* - We recommend that there are no visitors when returning to the MFW. Members and attenders can, if they choose, bring a guest.

7.    *Childcare* - We recommend suspending childcare for the time being. Young friends are welcome to sit in Meeting with a parent for the whole Meeting.

8.    *Latecomer* - Attendees must arrive for worship no later than 10:45 so that the greeters are able to ensure that the safety procedures aforementioned are maintained.

9.    *Coffee Service* - We recommend suspending coffee service for the time being.We recommend that the socializing happen outside at the conclusion of the meeting. Anyone staying for outside social time must wear a mask.

10.    *Zoom Alternative* - We recommend continuing with the Zoom MFW to give an option for those who are not yet ready to return to the meetinghouse.