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Adult Religious Education: Reading Faith and Practice

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Objective: PYM issued a new edition of Faith and Practice in 2018. In order to both remind ourselves of essential information about being a Quaker and inform our selves about new aspects of Faith and Practice, Adult Ed sessions periodically throughout this year will select a section to read and discuss. (Free copies are available to meeting members and attenders.)

We will discuss Part I: Experience and Faith. This consists of pages 1-13, so it is a short read. In addition, pages 111 – 147 contain 98 quotations from various Friends related to this first section.

Format: Part I has five sub-sections. We will try to discuss each sub-section in turn, examining how it relates to us individually and to our meeting community. Each participant is asked to select ONE of the 98 quotations that seems particularly relevant to him or her to read and comment on briefly.

In addition to these readings a link is included below to an article on Meeting for Worship and vocal ministry that I wrote a few years ago and was published in Friends Journal.

A light lunch will be served, so RSVP is requested. ([email protected])

Sunday, April 28, 2019 - 12:00pm
Monthly Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia
320 Arch Street
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