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World Quaker Day 2021

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On World Quaker Day 2021, our clerk used the query "How has your Quaker belief given you strength and resilience?" at the Meeting for Worship. That evening, two Memphis Friends joined the FWCC Section of the Americas worship online. They spotted Friends from Bolivia, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, the UK, the US, Uruguay, and Venezuela. One Memphis Friend noted, "This was the first time I heard Quaker terminology spoken in Spanish. Latin American Friends referred to themselves sometimes as Amigos or more often Cuáqueros, but in addressing one another they used Hermano or Hermana (brother or sister). I was also struck that the word for Worship was Adoración." The programmed worship was led by young Quakers from three different yearly meetings in Latin America. It included a video on how to participate in a Zoom call with interpreters, music in English and Spanish, a message, and breakout groups where Friends shared reflections on the following queries:

• ¿Somos testimonio de resiliencia en este mundo? Are our lives a testimony of resilience in this world?

• ¿Cómo cuáqueros, estamos dando un mensaje de esperanza en nuestro entorno? As Quakers, are we offering a message of hope in our environment?

• ¿Estamos dando el apoyo idóneo a aquellos que luchan por lograr la resiliencia? Are we providing the best support to those who are struggling to achieve resilience?

The worship ended by everyone turning on their videos for screen captures. Check the FWCC Section of the Americas web site soon for highlights!